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Thanksgiving Cake Decorating Idea

Thanksgiving Cake Decorating Idea

Thanksgiving Cake Decorating Idea

Here's a Thanksgiving cake decorating idea that is slightly different from your typical turkey and pilgrim scene. This is a gum paste serving platter with a pumpkin pie cake decoration made from DECOgel™. On the dessert plate sits a slice of the pie, accompanied by the serving utensil and a cup of espresso.


Tools needed:

light brown gum paste

white gum paste

measuring cup


pastry wheel

ball tool

silicone mat

3-1/2" round cutter

2 heatproof cups or containers

white DECOgel

clear DECOgel

gum glue


exacto blade or scalpel

large bowl

lemon extract

petal dusts - chestnut, silver

clay gun with small round attachment

small and large cake decorating tips (used for cutting)



Pumpkin Pie Instructions:

1. Roll out light brown gum paste on silicone mat lightly dusted with cornstarch. Use the large round cutter (3-1/2") to cut out a circle. Remove excess. gum paste.

2. Place the gum paste circle over the underside of the measuring cup which has been greased. Be sure to center it. Smooth the gum paste down the sides and leave for an hour or so to harden up.

3. Remove from the cup and allow it to dry.

4. While your pie crust is drying, repeat the process with a white gum paste. Using the end of a paintbrush or similar tool, create indentations to make the gum paste resemble a Corning Ware dish. Go around the edges with a knife or other straight tool to make the edges even all around. (They stretch somewhat as you form the circle around the cup).

5. When the crust is dry, you'll fill it with your DECOgel pumpkin pie mixture. To make it, place a chunk of white DECOgel in a heatproof cup and melt for 10 seconds.

6. Add one drop each of orange and brown airbrush color and stir. If still too light, add one drop at a time. It doesn't take much food color to get the pumpkin color. Pour the DECOgel into the "pie crust." Allow the DECOgel to set. You can pop the air bubbles with a toothpick.

7. When the pumpkin pie is firm, use an exacto blade or scalpel to cut out a slice. Slowly and carefully start from the center making sure to cut all the way down through the bottom. (You should set the pie on a cutting board to do this step). Once you remove the slice, you can clean up the edges in the pie and on the slice if your slice didn't come out perfectly clean.

8. Put a little gum glue in the bottom of the white Corning dish.           

9. Place the pumpkin pie in the dish.

10. Use a pastry wheel to cut out a long white strip of gum paste to place at the top of the Corning Ware dish.

11. Apply gum glue to top edge of the white dish and apply the long strip of white gum paste all around the edge. Trim the excess with a blade.          

12. Use a small hole attachment with a clay gum to create a long string of light brown gum paste. Apply it to the edge of the pumpkin pie slice and the pumpkin pie in a zig zag pattern to resemble pie crust. Finish the pumpkin pie and pie slice by dusting the "crust" with chestnut petal dust.


Serving Utensil:

1. Cut a small triangle from gum paste and round two of the corners.

2. Roll a small sausage of gum paste, making one end wider than the other. Attach the smaller end to the triangle with gum glue, in between the rounded corners. Prop up the end of the serving handle to dry.

3. When dry, paint with a mixture of lemon extract and brown and silver petal dust.


Gum Paste Espresso:

1. Roll out gum paste to 1/8 inch thickness and cut out circle with a large cake decorating tip.

2. Place the circle into the opening of the large tip and press in to shape into a cup. paste cup

3. Round out the cup shape with the ball tool. Remove the cup from the tip. Roll a small ball of gum paste and flatten it to create the bottom of the cup. Attach to the cup with a small dot of gum glue. Roll a small sausage of gum paste to create a handle and attach to the side of the cup with gum glue.

4. When the cup is dry, mix brown food color with clear DECOgel and pour into the cup.

Dessert Plate:

1. Roll gum paste out to 1/8" thickness and cut out a circle with a large cake decorating tip. Use a smaller tip to indent a circle in the middle.

2. Lay the gum paste plate inside a spoon to dry so the edges will curve upwards. plate drying in spoon

3. When the plate is dry, you can paint the outer edge with any color petal dust and lemon extract.


Gum Paste Serving Tray :

1. Cut out a large circle of gum paste. (I used the lid of the Crisco can and pressed it down on the gum paste).

2. Grease the underside of a bowl and center the gum paste circle over it, smoothing the edges down to conform to the shape of the bowl. Allow to harden and then remove from the bowl to finish drying.

3. When dry, paint the serving tray with a mixture of lemon extract and silver luster dust.