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Christmas Garland Cupcakes

Christmas Garland Cupcakes

Christmas Garland Cupcakes

Christmas Garland Cupcakes

These Christmas garland cupcakes feature a spray of pine needles adorned with ornaments and a bow. Non-toxic edible glitter and pearl luster dust give them their holiday shimmer.


You will need:

Clay gun

Green, blue and white fondant

Silicone mat

Rolling pin

Ridged rolling pin

Ribbon cutter

Gum Glue

Non-toxic, blue and iridescent edible glitter

Pearl luster dust


Silver Dragees

Round cutter (3-1/2" or size that fits the top of your cupcakes)


Icing of your choice


1.  Apply a thin coat of icing on top of the cupcakes.

2. Roll out white fondant to 1/8" thickness and cut out circles using the round cutter. Apply circles to tops of cupcakes and smooth to conform to the cupcake top.

3. Roll out the blue fondant on a mat. Roll over the fondant again with the ridged rolling pin, being careful to apply even pressure on the rolling pin as you roll it across the fondant.

4. Lay the ribbon cutting tool on top of the blue fondant and press down firmly to cut strips. If you don't have this tool, you cut use a ruler and pizza cutter to cut thin strips.

5. Fold a strip of fondant into 5 equal size loops, pinching them together at the bottom.

6. Cut two tails for the ribbon so one end is trimmed on an angel.

7. Use a small amount of gum glue to stick the bow on one side of the cupcake and then attach the tails of the bow extending from the bow around the sides of the cupcake top. Bend the tails to give them a natural bow-like shape.         

8. Create a sausage of green fondant and apply a thin coat of shortening. Place green fondant in clay gun fitted with the multiple hole attachment. Crank out the strings of green fondant. Pinch off sections of the green strings and pinch one end of a clump together.

9. Attach a few clumps of green strings extending from the middle of the bow using gum glue.

10. Create different sized fondant balls and roll them in the palms of your hands with a little shortening. The shortening will help them stick to the luster or glitter you want to apply to them.

11. Roll some fondant balls in luster dust, some in blue glitter and some in iridescent.

12. Attach the fondant ornaments to the middle of the pine needles.

13. Finish the Christmas garland cupcakes by adding some silver dragees.